Digital Marketing For Doctors, Healthcare Centres and Hospitals

Making your presence online is as important for doctor as for other Businessman. Online presence help your customer easily to find you, if the customer doesn’t know about you, then how can they be your patient?

Let’s have a look at the Case Study of Doctor Why Digital Marketing is important?

There were two doctors – Dr. Ramesh and Dr. Suresh, they were classmates. Dr.Ramesh is the outstanding doctor always top on class and every teacher likes him for his outstanding ability. Dr. Suresh is also a good doctor but he does not top and a mediocre student.

After a few years they both opened their clinic.
“You must be thinking that Dr.Ramesh has more patients then Dr.Suresh, Right!

But in this case Dr. Suresh may not be as good as Dr. Ramesh in Studies but Dr.Suresh is clever than Dr.Ramesh. He invest his money in Digital Marketing, make his presence online. He becomes more popular and more and more people started knowing him. He has more customers/Patients than Dr.Ramesh. Obviously then he is earning much more than Dr.Ramesh.

Rightly Said,

“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything” – Beth Comstock

Being Digital is much important in today’s world. If a person wants to consult Doctor, What he first Do?
He go online and search for the best Doctor or specialist so that he can get the best treatment. How this can be possible if your presence is not online. It’s time to be digital to increase the number of potential patients.

Digital Marketing for Doctors and Hospitals is important, First Customer wants to look at your website to see all the information about your Hospitals or Clinics. Well- maintained website is very important to get the attention of the customer. Good Design Website with Photographs and show the customers Why you are the Best! Through Digital Marketing you can expand your reach and attract the customer globally.

The biggest Thing Why Doctors should consider Digital Marketing is – Your Customers and Competitors are Online. You can easily target your audience and analyse your competitor’s market as well. The best way to get your customer attention is you can start your blog on medical problems and solutions.

Research shows that 3.8 billion people are internet users and almost half of the world’s population is online.

Let’s look at the Digital Marketing aspects which help your Business to Grow.

  • Website

Website is the utmost importance for your existence, Having a well-maintained website will help your customer to know your business better. Having a website is not enough, it is a basic step to follow.

  • SEO

SEO is the process which helps your website visible in the search Engine like Google, Bing. You can get the organic/natural traffic by backlinking on good quality website. This is the most important part to get more traffic.

  • Social Media

Social Media plays an important role in reaching to your customer. you can share your post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin. 2.89 Billion people use social media. Upload the article in social media and get the attention of users.

  • Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing is the fastest way of marketing to reach your target audience. You can analyse your target audience and retarget your potential Marketing. Paid marketing helps your business get more conversion and better revenue.

Today Digital Marketing for Hospitals, Doctors, healthcare has increased vigorously. Your marketing speaks about your business. 

Well as a Doctor, some of the Questions asked by the doctors –

Why Digital Marketing is good for Healthcare, Doctors? How to do it?

Well, Digital Marketing help every business to reach more clients. Digital Marketing for Doctors help to beat their competitors. It helps in gaining success in a cost effective way. It is a one time investment which will give the lots benefits.. With Digital Marketing concern with your branding. Social Media gives a lot of impact on people’s head. Share valuable and unique content about health issues, remedies, treatment….

When Practo is giving the Business? Why to invest more??

As a Doctor, Maybe you don’t have much time to think about the right whether to spend on Digital Marketing or not! Digital Marketing is so big that it might be difficult for you to choose what is the best for you? In hurry, maybe you choose investing in Practo is the best option.


But I’d like to say no, Practo is not the best option, it can help you in giving business but the truth is you Don’t authorise anything, it’s a portal. You don’t rank for yourself on Google. I’ll recommend start with your website, SEO and Social Media marketing you will get much better results… You can compare the result of Practo and Your Website after 3 to 6 months…

Is website is important for Doctors & Hospital Centres.

Website is just a starting step of Digital Marketing. Having a well maintained website is not enough for your business, with only website you can’t reach people until or unless you do SEO or Paid Marketing to it. You need to have a strong online presence.



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