Email marketing for Educational Institutions

Any school — from preschools all the way up through colleges and universities — can benefit from the power of email. Email has been part of online life for so long that its impact and importance often gets overlooked in favour of newer, trendier channels that don’t have anywhere near the same reach or effectiveness. And apart from well-designed websites, email marketing for educational institutions is emerging as one of the most effective ways of promotion for institutions/ universities. Not only is email marketing for universities a great way to attract new students, but it’s also one of the best ways to stay in touch with prospective students, applicants, enrolled students, staff, alumni, parents and faculty simultaneously. Ideally, you engage with prospects, nurture relationships with current students and keep in touch with alumni after they’ve headed off into the real world. 

With our right knowledge and the proper infrastructure, we can help you develop a strategy for email marketing for universities that will pay real dividends. From creating a bespoke template to building a mailing list to monitoring results, we can help you every step of the way. Here we have outlined what we can do for the growth of your business: 

  • To approach segmenting the email audience, we will think about different approaches during the preliminary stages of planning your campaigns.  By establishing segments that reflect your audience and address their needs, it’s possible to make your email content far more valuable and enticing.
  • Email content will be chosen for its relevance to one or more of the segments we will establish. As with other forms of digital content, the goal with email marketing material is to provide value to the reader, and referring to your defined segments can provide useful guidance as to what it is that your different audience segments might like to receive. For instance, we can send links to pamphlets or blog posts containing relevant information, for instance, or advising prospective students about an upcoming deadline or event. 
  • We will ensure that your emails use responsive design, which is a technique that automatically rearranges and re-sizes content according to the type of device it is being viewed on or we will create designs that will look good no matter which device they are viewed on. Beyond this, we will also keep some other basic design principles in mind to enhance readability.
  • Developing effective campaigns for email marketing for educational institutions takes some investment of time and resources, and it’s a process that should also evolve over time. We will also occasionally test new approaches to formats, layouts, subject lines, or calls-to-action that will improve the performance of your campaigns and keep your content fresh and engaging.

No matter which tactics you choose, email marketing should be an integral part of any educational institution’s marketing strategy. Hence, with the help of our team, you’ll soon begin to see the benefits of email marketing for universities. While being the great mailing solution at sensible rates, we’ll ensure to significantly improve your ROI. 

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