How to Create a Blog? Quick and Easy way to start!!

So, Are you a Writer??

Well, this is not important to be a writer to start your blog!! Just be focussed on one niche and start reading then try to write. It’ll be best if you choose your blog on what are you good at, right.

Like if you are a photographer, Musician, Designer, Stylist, Businessman, etc. then start writing on your field, it will surely help.

It Sounds so amazing to Earn from what you are passionate about??

Right, Let’s start!!

Create your blog in just 6 Easy steps.

  1. Choose your blog name and your niche to be a good blogger.
  2. Get your Domain Registered
  3. Choose a Right Platform for your blog.
  4. Design your new Blog
  5. Write your first post
  6. Get the Traffic for your Blog and Start Earning

Heya! Let’s jump into Step 1

  1. Choose your Blog Name & your Niche.

Start your blog with a good catchy name and choose the niche for your blog. It’s so good to write what you like.

Definitely you all guys think how so many people are earning good out of Blogging.. Well they did on which they are good at.

Why Blogging is Good?

You can start your blog side by side and write some good stuffs. Start blog with the idea of that it will help the people. You should write something that will value to your readers.

Blogging is an act of giving with the purpose of providing information to the readers. Start Today and become an inspiration.

2. Get your Domain Registered

As you have picked a name for your blog, it’s time to buy the domain. Get your domain from Godaddy, BlueHost. Domain is very important to make your business online.

There are also free option from where you can get your business online free, in that there is no need to buy the domain You can get the free domain like

But if you are waiting the blogs as a Hobby then it is good, But for earning from your blogs and making it your business,

I highly recommend you to purchase your own domain and start working on that. It will make complications to further shift to your own domain. Think from the starting and do the best for yourself.

3. Choose the right platform

Worried about money??

There are many platforms with which you can start your blogging career..



Tumblr – It’s half social media platform, half blogging.

These all are the free platforms, you don’t have to pay neither on hosting nor on domain. But definitely if it’s free there will be some limitations:

You can’t own your Domain- Domains like doesn’t look professional.

Limited Space – In free domains there will; be limited space you can’ t upload many images and videos on your blog. There will be restriction to the limit.

Barrier on Monetize your website:- If you are thinking of making money from your website, then free web hosting provider are definitely not a good idea. Some of the hosting provider will not allow to place the ads properly .

Worse, Right!!

You’ve definitely hear the WordPress, This is the best platform for your blogging career. You can fully customise your website as per your needs and have full control on hosting. Upload as much as you want. Do the Right for your business.

4. Design your New Blog:

It’s your show time – Choose the right and the best theme for your website. There are many free good themes with which you can start your blog. Or you can also purchase the theme from theme forest.

The best thing is you’ll get the full support (if you’ll stuck). Customise and Present your blog in a right way as your blog will represent you.

To upload a. New theme Go to Appearance > Themes and upload your theme.

Now you’re all ready to go.

You can install any plugin for your any specific requirement that will enhance your blog. Create your blog as User Friendly.

5. Write your First Post

Bang on! You’re all ready to set up your first post.

Make it Attractive and professional that will engage more readers, Think why they should come to your post, Crete something useful for your readers.

Its very important to keep the consistency in your Blogs so, the reader will come to read your post. Use some photos to make your post, it will double the amount of views. You can use some free images. There are many websites which provide free photos like:




Death to Stock

6. Get the Traffic For your Blog and start Earning

We all know things are not easy, To achieve something we have to make an effort.

It’s a big Question that How to drive traffic?, Right.

Successful blog needs to be promoted. Social Media is the biggest platform to promote your blog like  Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, instagram, Tumblr, Reddit. Choose the right platform as per your niche.

Start networking with other bloggers. – Share your ideas with the bloggers and get some more ideas how they are doing well? What else you can also do to promote your blog.

Not Tomorrow, Start today your Blogging Career.

“ Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want. – Ken Poirot”


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