Each generation is more “connected” than the previous one. So it’s the right time to start reaching them on the web, and we’re here to help!

Digital Solution World is an education marketing agency helping schools and education-focused businesses in the best possible light. We have run thousands of successful campaigns for some of the world’s largest education companies and some of the most innovative start-ups, delivered marketing strategy seminars and spoken at multiple education events. We will help you also boost your student recruitment figures with a marketing campaign that gets results. Whether you’re a school, university or further education college we can create a compelling campaign that attracts the right kind of students. Our primary goal is therefore to ensure that your audience finds what they are looking for, at the right time. 

We believe that together we can achieve almost anything you set your sights on – from strategic marketing reviews and promoting your school to engaging parents through social media and search engines. We use a wide range of platforms and software to target students and can track the results, so you can measure your success every step of the way. 

What will we do for you?

  • INCREASE ENROLMENTS: When it comes to the promotional practises of educational institutions, digital marketing is playing an ever more strategic role in reaching the prospective students. Generally, 90% of institutions plan to turn to the influence of online display advertising, as a key marketing tool. Are you ready?
  • EXPAND BRAND REACH: Your brand is your promise – to make an impact on your bottom line and thrive in the challenging market space. Establish and build a consistent positive brand image among your existing and potential students. In case you haven’t yet, get started with us, it’s not too late!
  • TARGET THE RIGHT STUDENTS: Marketing has a value only if it ensures that your message is being seen and heard by the students likely to get enrolled in your institute-your target audience. Think about all those students, whom you want to attract to your site. Besides, not all of them are equally interested. So how do you proceed?

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